Legislative Initiatives

In an effort to help the public and lawmakers understand the unique role of the emergency department team and to bolster support to overcome the many challenges we face, ACEP launched a campaign in May 2013 called “Saving Millions.” The campaign includes a series of print ads, radio messages and coordinated editorials in influential communications nationwide. To learn more, click on the “Saving Millions” banner above.

The Delaware Chapter represents the rights and interests of emergency physicians in the state capitol of Dover. As a strong, unified medical specialty organization we represent our members and their patients before the legislative, executive and regulatory branches of the state government.

John Powell, MD, Kathryn Groner, MD, Andrew Aswegan, MD, Heather Farley, MD, and Kristine Schultz, MD, the L+A conference in Washington, DC May 2014

John Powell, MD, Kathryn Groner, MD, Andrew Aswegan, MD, Heather Farley, MD, and Kristine Schultz, MD, the L+A conference in Washington, DC May 2014

Psychiatric Care
Delaware ACEP has worked extensively with state leaders to improve the provision of emergency psychiatric care. Numerous reforms have been implemented with Delaware ACEP input to improve the care for persons with mental illness; including the opening of the Ellendale facility to provide walk-in crisis services and initial evaluation capabilities to Kent and Sussex counties. Delaware ACEP continues to communicate with representatives from the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health and the Secretary of Delaware DHSS Rita Landgraf to ensure the highest quality of emergency psychiatric care in our state

EMS Funding Update
State budget concerns continue to pose a threat to the excellent care currently provided to patients by our paramedics. Delaware ACEP leaders stay in contact with members of the Delaware House and Senate to reinforce the importance of paramedic services to the continued health of the people who live and work in our community. Chapter leaders have also communicated these concerns to Gov. Jack Markell.

Initiatives to protect our senior citizens
Dr. Wes Fields, chair of the Emergency Medicine Action Fund, stated “Whether you live in a big city or a rural area, trying to find the right level of care for seniors with not one but several medical conditions is an ongoing struggle that plays out nights, weekends, and holidays at the front door to the hospital. Emergency departments are as vital as medical homes in every medical community.” We are currently working nationally and locally to reform Medicare to help maintain continued access to care for our senior population. This includes access to skilled nursing facilities without a mandatory three-day inpatient hospital stay.

The Chapter remains concerned about the effects of Medicaid expansion, which would shift additional costs to states. Since Delaware already faces a large budget deficit, cuts to state Medicaid funding area real possibility. Under the leadership of Dr. Len Nitowski, the Chapter has been educating state government officials about the devastating effect such cuts could have on our over burdened emergency care system.